Publication scheduled for 2020

Published October 2020:         https://www.crownhouse.co.uk/publications/chess-improvement

Wise, witty, informative and inspiring! Professor Carol Dweck, Stanford University

Hymer and Wells bring the science of learning to the teaching of chess and create the best moves to excite, inform, and develop deeper understanding. Laureate Professor John Hattie, University of Melbourne

‘Find your thing and sweat blood to get brilliant at it’ is good advice for a fulfilled life. If chess is your thing, this book is right on the money. If it isn’t, just substitute your thing, and read it anyway. It will strengthen the oomph you need in order to succeed. Guy Claxton, author of The Learning Power Approach

Since the pioneering work of Djakow, Petrovskij and Rudek in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, Adriaan de Groot in the Netherlands in the 1940s, and Chase and Simon in the United States in the 1970s, psychologists have studied chess – and chess players – in great detail. However, most psychological studies of chess have focused on the nature of expertise in chess, rather than how it is created. There have, of course, been literally thousands of books published on how to improve one’s chess playing, but these have in general been written by chess experts, rather than by those with expertise in learning. Now, for the first time, we have a book that brings these two themes together – blending the latest research on motivation and learning with insight from great chess players. If you have any interest in chess or in learning, you will find this book worthwhile. If you have an interest in both, you will be enthralled. Dylan Wiliam, Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment, UCL Institute of Education

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2018 Education Resources Awards: “Puffed Out” won the  Educational Book Award category! The judges commented:  “Using a novel approach and a well-known story, Puffed Out by Will Hussey and Barry Hymer, introduces pupils to ethics, philosophy and critical thinking. It is exceedingly witty and will help create fun lessons while introducing pupils to new ways of approaching difficult concepts. It made us laugh and think throughout the judging process.”


Graphic of Barry’s keynote address to the Peterborough Festival of Learning, 13th April 2015, created by Pen Mendonҫa, Conference Artist (www.penmendonca.com)

Welcome to the website of Dr Barry Hymer. Barry is an experienced teacher, educational psychologist, trainer, writer, consultant and academic, and following his retirement from a salaried academic position he is now Emeritus Professor of Psychology in Education at the University of Cumbria in Lancaster. He has delivered keynote and workshop presentations at hundreds of national and international conferences, and worked in a training and consultancy capacity with well over two thousand schools and LAs. Barry retains a limited capacity for direct work with schools and other clients (see Consultancy page). Together with Osiris Educational he developed the Osiris Mindset Programme.

Barry’s work aims always to respect the capacity of teachers and students to take ownership of their learning agenda, in a way which allows them to realize their personal and educational values in their own practice.

Barry has written, co-authored and edited a number of popular and practical books which reflect his interests and expertise. For a full list, see the Books page.

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